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How to get First 1,000 YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine on the internet with one billion active viewers. It has higher search volumes than Bing, Yahoo,, and other search engines. Every business organization, freelancer, and individual uses this platform to grow their professional and personal brands. Consistently uploading your videos and engaging with the viewers can enhance your chances to gain more subscribers.

Getting views on your YouTube channel isn’t the ultimate goal. You also need to focus on how to get more subscribers who will share and follow your future endeavors thoroughly.

Why Do You Need YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube subscribers are essential because channel subscribers tend to spend more hours on your video than unknown viewers. These genuine viewers will like and share the videos that help you to improve your subscriber base.

Your channel subscribers help you to increase the watch time of your content. A subscriber can see your newly added videos in their subscription feed. And every time you upload new content, your channel subscribers get the notification.

If you want to build a strong connection with the viewers you need to set priorities as these users are electing your content not anyone else’s content on the same platform. So try to build new connections and nurture the existing ones.

No matter how many views you have and it’s an old or new channel a lack of subscribers can reduce the chances of your visibility. If you need to earn revenue from your Youtube channel, focusing on subscribers can help you to achieve it.

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers?

Many people find it difficult to get their first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube channels. Whether you want to show your creative content or promote your business brand, these approaches will gain more audience on the most popular video platform. By implementing some of the below strategies you can get more subscribers on YouTube.

1.  Start With A Channel Trailer

Once you create a YouTube channel, next you need a trailer video or teaser for the channel’s promotion. You will find many YouTube channels that show these teaser videos at the top of the page. Trailer videos help you to get the attention of unsubscribed viewers and give them time to understand your content.

You can create a teaser by collaborating the footage from the past videos or directly you can ask the audience to subscribe to your channel through a distinct video trailer. Keep your video content dynamic, sharp, and meaningful to attract more viewers.

2. Deliver Your Pitch

You can deliver a strong pitch that is relevant to your content in the about section, intro part, as an ending note, or anywhere to communicate directly with your audience. It might be an effective tool for any channel’s owner to highlight the objective of the content.

Most people come with a CTA option to interact with the viewers and promote their products & services. But if you can add an outro with this Call To Action section, it will take your video to another level.

Keep your post very short and simple. For example, suppose you create videos regarding digital marketing then deliver your pitch as ” Check my post ( Videos you post) every (time you post)” followed by a trailer for the upcoming content. This message might help you to get more new subscribers.

3. Go for Collabs with other YouTubers with the relevant audience

Collaborating with other YouTubers can also be an effective and common way to get new viewers on your channel. Connecting with a known YouTuber and sharing videos and cross-promotion ideas can help you to reach more audiences.

You can also feature your proposed YouTuber in a video and vice versa, which will widen up your channel exposure to new viewers. This way both the channel’s subscribers will come to know about each other’s contents.

4. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is one of the crucial factors that helps you to increase the rate of subscribers. Even if you have a small subscriber base, maintain the consistency of your video upload.

You can also list your video schedule on the profile so that subscribers can check the updates of video uploads. You can make small teaser videos to give the update of the next content. If viewers find your channel attentive and investing in your brand, this may lead to a continuous visit if you follow the consistency.

For any reason, if you are not uploading the content on your channel let your subscribers know the reason. Transparency and consistency help you to keep a good rapport with the subscribers and new viewers.

5. Choose the niche online communities & share your video

Most of the YouTube channel owners share the video links on common social networking sites. As a channel owner try to explore other online communities, where your audience visits a lot apart from Facebook and common online groups.

Niche online communities on Reddit, Quora, and other forums related to your video’s audience might appreciate your work. And they will ask for more content as you have optimized your channel to enhance your subscriber base.

Choose the niche online communities that relate to your video content. Try to target for relevancy not on the community’s size when you post on different social sites. Remember as a YouTuber, you need to be more transparent about your channel, what your channel promotes. Because users are more concerned about maintaining the integrity of discussion in this specific community.

Getting YouTube subscribers

6. Follow The Trend & Don’t Entertain Hype

People create videos following the existing hype to gain the attention of the viewers. As you know there’s already a market demand users will search for the same content on the internet. You can create videos on celebrities and the latest trends to bring some new visitors to your channel. Here are some examples:

  • You can make a cover video of a song that already exists instead of composing a new one.
  • Give reactions to the viral videos.
  • You can also create reaction videos of particular content or a hyped personality.
  • Parody or mockery videos create good hype.
  • Create a story based on the latest news reporting.

If you create videos by following the trend people may notice your content. This may result in an increase in new visitors to your page.

7.  Recommend Other Videos With YouTube Cards

You can promote your other content on the same video with YouTube Cards. These are the clickable links that appear like thumbnail overlays within the video. You can utilize a YouTube card for suggesting an external channel link, specific videos, playlist, and other content.

8. Focus On Searchability

YouTube is the only platform for the video that has the highest view counts till now. With the help of the search engine optimization process, you can bring more visibility and subscribers to your channel.

To perform this operation, you need to focus on keyword research. A high-volume keyword that is relevant to your content can increase the traffic rate to your channel. You need to find out the most common keywords that people are searching on the internet.

You can search the volume of keywords on various online keyword research tools such as Google Search Console to check the competitive keywords. If your content has relevant keywords, it has better chances to rank your YouTube channel. You can add subtitles and descriptions to the video to categories your content with the relevant searches on the internet.

Is it Worthy to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

The more you promote your channel, the more subscribers you will get organically. Buying subscribers won’t give you a valuable audience or genuine viewers. If you have a small subscriber base try different methods to improve the quality of your channel. Technically paying for YouTube subscribers won’t help you in the long run.

Buying subscribers and followers are not considered in digital marketing. YouTube can track your subscriber base with the help of their automated system. If they find any errors and misleading information, you may lose all your contents. YouTube can block your channel permanently. Instead of buying subscribers try to focus on video optimization strategies to get genuine subscribers.

Build An Honest YouTube Subscriber Base

If you need to build a genuine brand loyal YouTube audience, you need to give more effort to your channel. Similar to the search engine optimization process, getting a genuine subscriber base and high visibility takes time and consistency.

If you provide content consistently and interact with the viewers, it will slowly increase traffic to your channel. It’s better to get honest subscribers because they will share and follow your channel on other platforms. This will help you to get more views and new subscribers. Never rush to gain a subscriber base overnight, it’s a time-consuming process. Make your content appealing to the viewers and keep on innovating the ideas of making videos in your channel.


Growing your YouTube channel from the scratch is a rewarding experience. People expect transparency and honesty from your end. So as an owner of the channel it’s essential to keep everything in place. If you are consistent and engaging with your audience, it will automatically increase the subscriber level. Here we have discussed all the essential factors to enhance your YouTube channel, how to develop a subscriber base, and the possibilities of business growth. Keep your videos intact, make them attractive to increase the viewer’s count, and subscribers.

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